NIO Power

Home Charger 2.0 & Home Power Plus Charger



Next to the new NIO DC Chargers, the technology has been developed to create a new high-power charger for the home environment. This new charger class will charge the car in 3.5 hours.

Also the already a few year old NIO Home Charger has to be updated in order to fit the new charger design family.


In order to differentiate the Power Charger from the new home chargers, a different design language had to be found. These chargers are made for home use and are most of the time visible next to the car. The decision was made to make the front panel of the chargers resemble more closely the meticulously crafted automotive surfacing of the car design.



The chargers, especially the new HomePlus Charger will live in varying environments, from parking garages to driveways.

The longer, more powerful cable needs to be rolled up and stored easily, the recessed surface will ensure an uninterrupted front silhouette while allowing effortless cable storage. 

The same concept has been transferred to the smaller Home Charger as well, creating a seamless experience between the two.



The smaller Home 2.0 Charger can also be deployed to parking garages and businesses. A QR code payment system allows for effortless public charging as well. The Power HomePlus Charger can either be installed on the wall or pole stand.

The Power HomePlus Charger is available in matching car colors, such as silver, blue and red, creating a beautiful match or contrast to your NIO vehicle.